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About Baer’s Crest

Founded by Ludovic Vuillier, Baer’s Crest originated as a business consultancy focussing on the sales cycle. Baer’s Crest has helped countless businesses improve their lead generation and sales processes over the years, creating highly dynamic and effective sales teams that dramatically increase revenues for their enterprises.

As our business evolved, Baer’s Crest developed an increased focus in the fintech industry, with an emphasis on B2B services. We have developed strong strategic partnerships with companies that allow us to help our clients solve their particular business problems, particularly in the area of payment processing.

It is in this area that we have seen solid growth since 2019, despite the economic repercussions of a global pandemic.

Our Directors and Advisory Board Members have decades of solid expertise in various sectors, including finance, banking, business development, information technology, telecoms and venture capital.

Baer’s Crest utilises highly skilled people from all over the world to realise our vision of continually improving and expanding our range of products and services, as well as developing new solutions to help our diverse clients grow their businesses securely and with confidence.

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