Negotiation Consulting

To The Crest Of Success


This is a relationship where clients have a strategy, idea, goal or objective and use Baer´s Crest as a resource or reference to provide what is essentially a "yay or nay" to their intended set of actions.


The client and the negotiation consultant work together to discuss, identify, test, and evaluate specific strategies or specific elements of an ongoing or upcoming negotiation.

Stealth Position

Many people do not know or understand what we do because we most often maintain a "Stealth Position" throughout our relationship with a client. That is, the actual persons with whom our clients are negotiating may never realise that our client is working with us

Red Team

Baer's Crest works with clients to prepare them for their negotiation by fulfilling the role of “Devil’s Advocate” and/ or "Red Team" asking questions, articulating various points of view from the perspective of the clients intended counterpart.


Some clients really just want the negotiation consultant to confirm or to comment on what they may have already done during the course of a negotiation and guidance in case a change of course is needed.


During the course of an ongoing negotiation a client may step out of the room, call their Baer's Crest negotiation consultant, provide details about what is going on, what has been said, what they want to accomplish and receive the advice they need to go back into the negotiation with the tools they need.

Lasting Deals

The core of any business is the ability to negotiate a good deal. You can have an excellent service, along with a great sales team but the terms negotiated with partners have long term negative effects – make sure those effects are positive. Too often, in the rush to get something going, entrepreneurs and business owners may overlook the long term negative impact for an immediate result.

By having an outside advisor for the negotiations, you are essentially removing the ability to make emotional and rash decisions.

When choosing to work together, we first look to understand the following:

  • What are your long and short term goals
  • What is the best outcome you are aiming for?
  • What is your bottom limit beyond which you walk away?
  • Are there any additional benefits you could provide your partner?

Together we will then outline a negotiations strategy. If and when required, we will join you in the negotiations to ensure the best outcome possible.