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When young people ask for career advice in regards to financial rewards, they’re always told to go where the money is. In its most basic form, that is the financial sector. Everything from cash, bank accounts, savings accounts, credits, loans, investments and all of the companies that facilitate these flows are all a part of the global financial sector.

The financial sector is about 20-25% of the world’s economy with a total value of approximately 22 trillion USD. Admittedly, this is lower than was initially projected in the past due to the recession caused by the COVID-19 pandemic yet even so, no market is as influential on the rest of the world as the financial market. It’s the grease that makes the world turn.

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A full financial ecosystem requires that we cater to everyone, not just the clients that are easy to onboard. Businesses in higher risk industries are more challenging for all involved – the company, the partners, the clients and the service providers. There are two ways to work with these clients and yet to lower the risk. One way is to do more due diligence, add more compliance measures, etc. Another way is to own as much of the financial process as possible thereby knowing as much as there is to know about the flow of funds. We believe the second way to be the superior method in abiding by all compliance and legal requirements without making the process overly difficult for the people and entities involved.

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As part of the company’s expansion plans, Baer’s Crest is embarking on its venture into the retail sector with innovative solutions in the banking and payments space.

As it does so, it is providing investors with an opportunity to participate in and reap the benefits of its expansion. Baer’s Crest will also provide a full range of processing features for retail customers. The company will set quarterly dividends by taking into consideration a range of factors, including its financial condition, profitability and additional expansion plans. This policy is motivated by the desire to ensure the availability of sufficient internal funds for making additional investments in Baer’s Crest.

Baer’s Crest has adopted a flexible stance towards the onboarding of investors by developing two stablecoins, BCEU and BCUS, which are respectively linked to the EUR and USD. This is done to facilitate investments without needlessly hindering future compliance requirements for the financial licenses the company will pursue.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Having been a part of the financial industry for a combined time of more than 70 years, we see where services and products can improve for clients – both businesses and retail clients. Our mission is to take everything we’ve learned, seen and experienced elsewhere and to keep the good, fix the bad and improve the whole.

On the 15th of the first month of each calendar quarter for the previous calendar quarter.

Be active in the company’s activities. When we launch a service and product, join in, use it, be an ambassador

Yes, you can. Just make sure you keep your bitcoin wallet information in your client page.

We feel that doing that at this stage is too early as it would require so much of our time and attention we wouldn’t be able to be in the business of our business, to strategize our expansion and to work on it. We are open to this in the future.

You will receive your first dividend after the second full quarter after you’ve invested. We reserve the right to pay it out earlier if it is warranted.

By investing in Baer’s Crest you are buying an asset which you can sell at any time. You can either sell it to another investor or the company may decide to buy it from you. As with any asset which you sell, it may be at a lower or higher price than the purchase price.

There are no guarantees in life and any financial product which guarantees 100% is not telling you about the risk. There is always an element of risk. Having said that, investing in a bank is almost like investing in a casino and as you know, “The house (casino) always wins”.

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