Payment Processing Products

Through our strategic partners, Baer’s Crest offers businesses a secure
electronic payment facility.

Baer’s Crest Payment Processing Solutions

Together with our partners we offer businesses a secure and reliable method of receiving payments on their website, with customers having the choice of making their payments in a variety of different formats, including by cryptocurrency.

The signup and onboarding processes are very simple and friendly.

A well documented API makes technical integration with sellers’ websites manageable and uncomplicated, with excellent technical support.

Fees are favourable and even disputes are handled for the seller, resulting in very few chargebacks and administrative headaches for the seller

Benefits of the Payment Processing Facility

  • Easy signup process
  • Straightforward to use and implement
  • Simple onboarding
  • Secure
  • Accepts a wide range of currencies and payment options
  • Favourable fees
  • Excellent technical support

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