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Baer’s Crest offers unique and innovative payment processing solutions and financial services for businesses with challenging financial requirements

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The world of business is constantly changing and evolving. Customer demands create new and innovative industries, pushing fringe businesses online.

However, due to added regulations and restrictions many are limited in their ability to process cards globally, in the currencies they can process for and their ability to onboard clients that are not in the most popular jurisdictions – now more than ever. This leaves most businesses, even the regular low risk merchants at the mercy of a few.

Unfortunately for some of these businesses, they are also considered high risk and therefore traditional financial models and payment options are not easily available to them. Even if they can be obtained, they usually come at a steep price with intence administrative requirements and procedures.

Experience in the fintech industry

With decades of experience in the fintech industry, Baer’s Crest is in a unique position to offer your business out-of-the-box and creative payment processing solutions, as well as other financial offerings.

Together with our strategic partners, our suite of financial products and services have helped traditional and traditionally hard-to-bank companies to finally bring their businesses online and enabled them to get on with the business of doing business, feeling confident and secure that they can receive payment for their wares simply, safely and at affordable rates.

Our solutions make it possible for us to service both low and high risk businesses with a platform offering services such as a payment gateway, B2B payments, fraud detection, e-invoicing, and more. Our platform allows businesses to accept clients from more locations around the globe, and accept payments in different currencies, make payments to suppliers and employees, and manage everything through our gateway.

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Benefits of Our Payment Platform

easy signup to Baer's Crest payment solutions

Easy signup process

The entire process is streamlined so you can focus on your business

Baer's Crest team keeps the onboarding easy

Simple onboarding

Our team will help you with the process every step of the way

Baer's Crest tech team provides excellent support

Excellent technical support

We give your team the technical support required to make sure everything works properly on your site

  • Very low card decline rates

  • Global partnerships

  • Simple API integration

  • Fast turnaround

  • WordPress Plugin

  • Multiple payout options

  • 2FA based secure payments

  • Volume based discounts

And so much more!

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